Thursday, April 10, 2014


Some photos from our past week.  
Gibson had his first sleepover on Friday night.  He was so excited to go and had such a fun time - no middle-of-the-night phone calls with that one!  :)

We went to the season opener of the Kane County Cougars on Tuesday night.  It was a bit chilly but a beautiful night otherwise.  Maine helped me get food (and has a ridiculous cheesy face).  I had a really cute picture of Gibson and Wells eating their pretzels but it somehow got deleted from my phone.  :(

My lunch date yesterday - we love our girls' days out!  She picked out the hat (which used to be Gibson's) on her own, wore it to school and then to lunch.  She got quite the comments on it.  I think she may be following in her big brother Gibson's steps when it comes to style...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Babysitter Shots

Our amazing babysitter, Natalie, has taken an interest in photography and has been playing around with a new camera.  So, I had her send me some pictures of the last few times she's been here with the kids.  Fun to see their little personalities come out in the photos.  Thanks, Natalie!
I think the first one may be my favorite...  :)

She sometimes watches Wells only so she had a few more of her.  Love the one of her holding the ultrasound.  :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break

We decided to take the kids to Chicago for a couple nights for our Spring Break "trip".  While there are always ups and downs to trips with kids in tow :), we had a good time overall.
We started off the trip on Monday with lunch at Rainforest Cafe.  Now that Maine has FINALLY overcome his 5-year fear, we are able to go there again and have a relaxing lunch.  :)
Crazy kids - I had no clue Gibs was doing bunny ears to Wells and Wells would not put her hand down.  I think they were excited.

Wells & Mark.

Wells took this picture while they toured around the restaurant waiting for their food.

Checking out the view from our hotel room.

After shopping and dinner at Cheesecake (during which we discovered Maine was sick - lovely!), Maine hit the sack and the rest of us watched a movie in the bedroom portion of our hotel suite.
On Tuesday, we agreed to the kids' one request to ride the Subway.  After realizing how freezing it was, we went back through the mall to our hotel to get gloves and hats.  Kids posed by the Dr. Seuss statue.

So, we took the L down to Macy's on State Street - a favorite for good deals on nice kids' clothes.  (Every kid (even the the 4th one!) scored some new clothes.)  Macy's was having a Flower Show, so we made sure to stop by that and we were glad we did.  It was beautiful!!


Smelling flowers (don't mind the sagging pants!).

A gorgeous dress made of red leaves and flowers.

The kids all posed on this neat chalk drawing that - if you stood in the right spot and the camera person stood in the right spot - seemed to pop out at you.  :)


Gibson took this photo looking down on the Walnut Room (where we ate lunch).  It was pretty spectacular.

We subway-ed back up to the hotel where we took the kiddos swimming until dinnertime.  Wells loved wearing the hotel slippers to the pool.  :)

Maine was again feeling sick at dinner, so he headed over to the hotel lobby couch (we were eating in the hotel) and conked out on the sofa at about 6:30.  Poor guy.

Finally, on Wednesday, we checked out of the hotel - this was Wells posing for Mark  - legs crossed and all.

We headed to the Museum of Science & Industry.  Mark & I hadn't been there for years and the kids were seeing it all new, so it was a lot to take in!
We headed to the temporary Walt Disney exhibit first - it was neat to see some of the original Disney things.  Here's clothing from the Mary Poppins movie.

And, of course, Mary's infamous bag - the real one used in the movie by Julie Andrews!

A map of Disneyland.

This was the Disney castle made out of Legos.  So many neat things to see - lots of original costumes from the movies and even some of the real-scale ghosts from the Haunted Mansion.  (Maine was NOT a fan...) 

Other exhibits - Gibson conducting a train.

The boys in front of a Wright Brothers plane.

Maine & Wells in a tractor in the farm area.

Learning about avalanches and weather. 


Walking through an area recreated to look like Chicago in the early 1900's. 

Wells was conked out at this time.  :)  She is NOT a ladylike sleeper.

We hit the Coal Mine and Omnimax before calling it a day.  On the way home, we hit major traffic as President Obama was literally landing right next to us.  It was neat for the kids to see, even if it did make the drive home a bit longer.

A fun start to Spring Break!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sarah's Baby Shower

Bethany & I threw Sarah a baby shower on Saturday - it was so much fun to plan and put together!  Hopefully everyone who attended had fun too!
A little of the decor...
The diaper cake - mostly made by Bethany - she's the creative one.  I helped by pulling the diapers out of the pan and tying with string.  :)

Onesies hanging on the fireplace.

Dining room centerpiece - hydrangeas were gorgeous and worked well as party favors, too!

The yummy food, all courtesy of Bethany's cooking skills!

Chatting over our brunch.

Yes, I made them all play games.  :)  This was a paper game.

The infamous "How big do you think Sarah's belly is?" game.


Everyone had to pick two names that they thought Sarah would choose.  Her final choice between the group?  Levi Duncan.  (Not sure why this photo is being difficult and not rotating.)

The gift table.

Opening gifts.


Me, Sarah & Bethany.  Oh, my belly makes me just look fat.  :)

Matt & Sarah.

Can't wait to meet the little guy!!