Monday, March 20, 2017

The Past Two Weeks

Life has hurried on here!  Some recent pictures from the past couple weeks.
Last Saturday (March 11th) was a St. Patrick's filled day - and we're not even Irish!  It started with a dance performance by Miss Wells.  It was fun to see her perform at the historic Arcada Theatre downtown St. Charles.  Here was her group getting their seats and getting ready to perform.

After that, we headed home for a break, then back out for the St. Charles St. Patricks Day parade.  Maine went with a friend and Mark & I were able to walk in it with the other 3 kids for their dance studio.
Wells and one of her best friends, Macy - bundled up in the freezing cold!!

Gibson got to hold the sign with his buddy, Teddy (the owner of our studio's son).

Posy was bundled up but refused to put her mittens on.

The whole crew for 3rd Street Dance ready to march!  Mark & I are toward the back.

On Sunday, we went through the car wash and Gibson performed protection duties.  ;)  Po always needs someone right by her!

After lunch, we took Papa & Rara to a downtown display of student art in St. Charles.  It was fun to see Maine's piece from his extracurricular art class on display!

Tuesday night, my women's group got together to bid farewell to our leader, Meghan.  We had a yummy dinner and some good chatting.  We will miss her!  

The rest of the past week was taken up with the book fair (followed by a relaxing St. Paddy's dinner Friday night with friends!).  The kids dressed for St. Patricks Day - Mark missed seeing them in the AM so I took a picture.  Gibson and his buddy chose to dress all in red instead...

Wells was so excited for her hair after a night in braids.  :)

Saturday night we told the kids if they showered and bathed quickly, we could do a custard run to Culver's.  They obeyed!  :)

Yesterday was a basketball day after church.  Gibson had his last regular season game, followed by a pizza party with his team.
Fortunately, this week looks to be a bit slower followed by a nearly empty weekend!  Woohoo!
Happy 1st Day of Spring!!